Training in the UK

     Three students, "Data Mining and Bioinformatics" master's program in July, were Goldsmiths college (London, UK). The purpose of the trip - part of joint scientific research. During the three weeks of practice, students have time to contribute to the study of the possibilities to improve the quality of classification using resheniy.Oni trees also solved the problem of using information from social networks to predict the changes in the value of securities. They took part in the summer school conducted by the Institute of Psychiatry, psychology and neurology within the King's College (King's college). Summer school was devoted to the construction of predictive models, which are members of the Institute are used for diagnostic purposes and forecasting changes in the status of their patients. Employees of the institute told about the planning studies, data cleaning and other pre-treatment required for successful data analysis. The knowledge and experience will be used in the training course "Introduction to Data Mining". Students express their gratitude to the TSU joint educational programs department for travel funding.